CVC tops Bayanihan Christmas Carol Competition in Dubai

The Christian Voices Chorale won the Bayanihan Christmas Carol Competition. CVC bested 3 other  groups who sang various Christmas Melodies to bring the Christmas cheer to the Filipino community.


The choir performed Jingle Bells, Sa Paskong Darating and Carol of the Bells at the event.

The festival is an annual event hosted by the Consulate General of the Department of Foreign Affairs in Dubai and Norther Emirates. Various activities were created to cater the different passions of the Filipino people. From fashion to dance, food and music, the Choral Festival was hosted by the Festival to enliven the Christmas spirit in the community.

Story by Orlee Baldedara


CVC/DVE and its Golden Bibe Annual Sports Fest

Who can forget the hit song “Tatlong Bibe” (Three Little Ducks) craze in town? Two years ago, this was such a love and hate and then hate and love social media hype that the meme trended for quite some time.

Same philosophy applies with CVC’s aim to come up with a team building sports fest that would foster a sense of camaraderie and sportsmanship. CVC Council came up with an idea of a fun getaway for the group. Last year, we had our first Golden Bibe Cup at Al Ain Farm. This was the ground-breaking point of a highly-pumped annual event. Big credits to our Game Master Marko Puentesfina, CVC’s in-house photographer and non-singing member, for organising and making it a success.

This time, the members were eager to participate in the same contest this year that tested their mental and physical capacities! Four teams were created and  stepped up the game by donning the famous Philippine TV shows Sang’gre characters. With much fierceness from everyone to fun-topple each other, we went all out in severing our looks from planning what to wear, where to source the material and what we should portray… down to every minute detail on what we should do from social media video teasers and chat discussions – to sing, to serve and to stand out.



This annual sports fest was held last Friday, 17th of March and the fierce Blue team emerged as the grand winner of this year’s Golden Bibe bout.

by Liza Passion
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CAS International Day – Eat, jam, and be merry!

CAS International Day! What makes it familiar? FOOD!!!

CAS is home of our very own conductress – Teacher Joy Santos, where she teaches music to bright students. The event became a memorable gastronomic experience as we were treated to some of the world’s best food and recipes. Happy Tummy indeed!

See snapshots of CVC-DVE as they perform, eat, jam, and be merry!

CAS – thank you once again for inviting us!

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International Day
Collegiate American School
March 10, 2017

-to sing, to serve
Story by: Hana Obera

Dubai Vocale Ensemble at the 6th PICQS 6th year Annual Event

Yet another memorable performance, among its many, for Dubai Vocal Ensembe as they serenaded a group of Filipino Engineers on their Organization’s 6th Founding event.

Surely, the Kababayans “countrymen” did not expect such a unique showcase of talents as the group sung our very own native songs in keeping with the Filipiniana theme. With grace and elegance, the group led by the vibrant conductress -Teacher Joy Santos, lifted the spirits of the audience as they started the programme with the National Anthem (Lupang Hinirang) and further made them proud to be Pinoy with their rendition of Filipino Songs.

To be a part of an event which celebrates the success of fellow Filipino OFWs is truly an honor.

Philippine Institute of Certified Quantity Surveyors (PICQS) 6th year Annual Event
February 24, 2017 / 6PM
Movenpick, Jumeirah Beach
Theme: Filipiniana

– to sing, to serve
by: Hana Obera